Every year we witness many new trends in ecommerce website development industry. The world wide web is extremely volatile with ecommerce forming a very important part of it. So what are the new trends that we have noticed this year to bring and will see more of in the rest of the year? Below are some obvious trends:

  1. Digital Wallet Payments: Online Payments without having to use credit cards is becoming all the more popular. Payments made using digital fingerprints, pin numbers, Apple Pay, Amazon Pay, PayPal etc., across phones, apple watches etc., are already happening a lot and this trend will grow.
  2. Big Data: Collecting raw data and using that for giving customized user experience to customers like the way Amazon and Netflix is doing. Users are expecting a more personalized user experience even more than before and Big Data and Artificial Intelligence will play a big role in ecommerce website development.
  3. Mobile First: Since 2015 the mobile experience focus and sales from mobile have greatly increased. The new mobile devices that are coming out have bigger screens and better user experience. Mobile experience is no more just an ecommerce website that ‘works on a mobile’ by simple optimization and is much beyond that. Those sellers that are focusing on mobile first are getting more sales. Creating a custom experience that works with the phone’s size and features are the focus.
  4. Intractability: Users are expecting a more interactive experience in the form of push notifications, online chat support etc., Artificial intelligence such as chatbots that interact with online users and answer questions are becoming more and more popular.
  5. Rewards: Marketing surveys have shown that users would gladly change brand for a discount coupon where they would save some money. This is an evergreen trend and ecommerce website developers are encashing on it even more in the new year 2017 as almost every second retailer is luring customers using this. More customer loyalty schemes in ways of customized offers is going to be more popular.