Impact of new technology on ecommerce

In recent times the web users have become more technologically advanced than ever. They can look at a website, app or a promotional email they have received in their inbox and know whether it genuine or not. This is because information on cyber security, potential online pitfalls, identity theft and online frauds is constantly circulating the web thus educating users. Through viral posts web users are empowered every day on social media, whats app, by emails etc.,

With these advancements the users are expecting much more from websites, apps and online marketing promotions. Lets look at some of these expectations:

  • Security: There are many security features that should be highlighted on a website app or marketing message. Things like secure URL (https), url redirections, secure website seal, the kind of information the website is asking and will be extracting are some of the things the customers are aware of.
  • UI/UX/Design and features: Customers are smart enough to know how updated and trustable a website is based on its design. A site that looks from its design that it was built back in 2010 will have a lower trust factor as the UI/UX/Design will show that the website is frozen in the past and cause doubts on is still being in business. Similarly the lack of expected features that other competitors are providing also turns away customers.
  • Site communication: Users look for how well the site communicates important information such as returns, refunds, shipping, taxes, pre and post sale customer support etc., – in terms of findability of this information as well how well it is explained.

Therefore ecommerce development solutions for apps or websites should focus on these factors.