Joomla is a great platform to build websites. It is easy to work with and very flexible. But building a website on Joomlacan require a great deal of planning and work. Some basics are mentioned below:

a) Effective design: Joomla has its custom theme that can be used. But to make your website work you need an effective design which enhances your products and services, is user friendly, meets your industry standards and is visually appealing. In short a design that works. For this you need a tam of expert web designers and Joomla coders who can translate any custom design into a Joomla theme.

b) Features: Depending upon the nature of the online business, some additional features will be needed to be added on a website which may not be a part of joomla’s default set up. There are many plugins (free and paid) that can be used for adding features. It is also easy to custom create a plugin if it is not available.

c) Search Engine Optimization: Joomla  set up does not come search engine optimized. Some modules ned to be installed and search engine optimization needs to be done.

d) Online Marketing: Like any website, once your Joomla website is launched, it needs a marketing plan which will help theit to gt exposure and customers.

e) Server requirements: Server requirements vary depending upon the nature of the website. All joomla sites need mysql support and some need SSL.