There is not enough we can say about the importance of mobile ecommerce with a growing number of users using mobile as compared to desktop. This trend will continue to grow with newer devices such as apple watch becoming increasingly popular. There would be competitive versions of apple watches and similar devices soon. Having said it is very important to make sure you avoid some common mistakes that ecommerce website developers make that can be easily avoided.

  1. Using everything from desktop site: Prioritize and use only the important information that you would want to show to the users. As an example – placing your products and services as a priority would be more helpful for the users as compared to putting your privacy policy, vision statement etc, Make the most of the limited space by selectively using only important information.
  2. Using elements that don’t work well with devices: There are some design features that work well with desktop websites only, however, can cause a bad user experience on mobile devices. An example would be using progress indicators on a multi step form on mobile. They would well on desktop sites as they indicate to the customer where they are and also what the next step would be. However on a mobile due to small area they should be avoided and instead of that an alternate approach would be to mark the submit buttons as the name of the next screen.
  3. Keeping the elements size small: Many mobile sites have small font size and graphics that put a lot of stain on the eyes. While it is true that one must be careful of using only important information on the mobile site, the font and elements should be big enough to be easy on the eyes.