Users make up their mind on whether to stay on your ecommerce site or leave within a few seconds of reaching the home page. Therefore it is important to have an mobile landing page for your ecommerce website that works. Here are some tips to make your mobile landing page more user centric:

Search: Ecommerce website developers have a short time to seal a deal on mobile. Therefore it is important to have a search that is prominently displayed on all the pages, is intuitive and can recognize misspelled words that a mobile user is prone to type due to the short area to type words. If search is good then it can be used as a good starting point for the mobile site.

Use the advantage of geo: A mobile users is on the go and if the brand has a brick and mortar store in various cities then using push notifications the users can be informed of the latest deals in the stores near them. The shipping cost should also auto calculate based on the current location of the user as an option. This makes the buying experience customized.

Focus on Speed: For an online user nothing matters more than speed. Ecommerce website developers could have the most amazing home page in the world but if it cannot load in three seconds no one will stay long to see it. Mobile users surf the websites on the go and the internet connection is not always stable. Therefore it is extremely important to have a home page that load real quick.

Navigation: The navigation menus have to be less and more broad than on a desktop site since the space is less on a mobile screen.