There are hundreds of ready to use ecommerce platforms out there and each claiming to be the best. It can be overwhelming to look at each platform and compare it with others. The best way to shortlist a few would be to look at the ones that are more popularly used by ecommerce website developers. Shopify, Magento and Woocommerce are the three top popular ecommerce platforms being used since the last few years. Each has its pros and cons. So the decision of which shopping cart to use can be based on the following factors:

Catalog Size: The no. of products that an ecommerce business sells would be the no.1 consideration. Woocommerce is a great platform but good for smaller catalogs. Ofcourse you can customize woocommerce it to make it to any size by custom coding but then going ahead with Magento is a better option at the outset.

Web Development Budget: Shopify and woocommerce are best for small budget websites. Magento is also affordable however depending upon the size of eventual size of the website, the cost of the hosting can be quiet high.

Launch Time: If you need a quick ecommerce website then you can sign up for shopify, choose a theme and you are good to go in a few minutes time. If you have a few days time then you can go for woocommerce. However if you have more time at hand – like more than a week then you can consider using magento platform.

Technical Level: If you are your team are not very technical then shopify is for you. Woocommerce is good for people who have some basic technical knowledge such as how to edit css, manage database etc., Magento on the other hand needs a full time coder to be set up and customized.