Customers online are always looking for the best deals. With just a few clicks they can surf the web and find out the best deals they can get between websites. They will go from site to site, to read the price, benefits and customer feedbacks and then make a decision. What if you gave them this information on your site so that they do not have to scan the web? Make a page that compares your product and service to other products and services. This has many benefits:


1) Customers stay on your page longer: When they see a clear and easy to read/compare data of similar products and services they will always stay longer and also bookmark the page. This may also cause them to explore more about your website. Thus more chances of they doing business with you longer. From a Google analytic point of view – a lower bounce rate.

2) Helps you in rising above the competition: When you research and present the competitors data on your site, you are motivated to do better than them and this causes your internal product or service development team to think ways to stand above your competition. So this exercise of openly stating and comparing your products and services to your competitors helps you improve more to make yourself look better. It will keep on awake and on your feet as this very info of where you stand is right on your own website.

3) Makes you more transparent: Customers these days appreciate transparency. They frown upon on hidden costs and information and don’t trust such websites. So if you are open about not only your products but also where you stand as compared to your competitors (although the difference between you and them might be just a teeny bit), customers would trust you more and go with you.

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