Typical ecommerce development solutions involves the ecommerce site owners selling their own products. Another way of running an ecommerce store is to sell the products of other vendors by becoming their affiliate and starting an affiliate ecommerce store. In this set up the ecommerce site owners earn through commisions they get by referring users to the Vendor’s websites.

There are three entities involved in a typical affiliate ecommerce store:

1) The ecommerce store owner: He is the person who gets a website built and advertises the Vendor’s products on his ecommerce store.
2) The Vendor: The actual seller of the product. He seeks to find websites that can advertise his products and get customers to him on his website.
3) The affiliate provider: This is the platform owner that allows the ecommerce store owners and vendors to register themselves on his platform and find each other.

The process involves that the ecommerce store owner registering on an affiliate provider platform. The affiliate provider checks the credentials of the ecommerce store owner and approves him. In the same way the Vendor can register with the affiliate provider. The affiliate provider gives an affiliate code to the ecommerce store owner that he can insert on the website pages that cause the Vendor’s products to start showing.

The visitors who come to the ecommerce website see the products very much like that of a standard ecommerce site. When they click on a product they are taken to the actual Vendor’s site and the affiliate provider’s tracking code tracks this.

Both the ecommerce store owner and Vendors get access to an area of the affiliate provider’s website from where they can track the no. of users the ecommerce site has sent to the Vendor’s website and the commissions.