One of the most important ingredient  that every successful business (whether B to C or B to B) has is how customer centric they are and that is determined mainly by their customer service which includes factors such as how efficient they are in addressing customer issues, communication level of the customer care department, commitment to keeping customers happy by offering easy refunds, repairs etc.,  This customer focus carries forward at pre sale level at various customer touch points where the customer shows interest about products and services offered by the company. Customers are very sensitive to how they would be dealt with after they engage with the company so they at the outset look for the customer support level. This holds true not only for offline businesses but also for online (web and apps) based company presence. A company could be just an online company (with no brick and mortar office) or an extension of an offline presence, should communicate good customer care ethics by doing the following:

  • Have a contact point prominently displayed: Customer care phone no.s or email ids or better still online chat should be highlighted on the website. If you have a toll free no. for sales prominently displayed then you should also have a support no. that the customers can call in. Perhaps you can combine your toll free no. with your sales no. If customer care department is available at certain times then that should be clearly mentioned along with the typical response time.
  • After Sales Information: Have after sales questions such refund options, returns etc., clearly defined in a section such as a FAQs. This information should be easily findable on your website. To make customers find topics easily, adding search or tags can help.
  • Email auto responders that customers get after they buy a product or sign up for a service should have mention of how they can get in touch with any questions or concerns regarding their order. Usually ecommerce website developers overlook this most obvious point.
  • Using post sales feedback forms engages customers at a higher level as many customers want to do more business with you but are not happy because of some small issues they faced and want to communicate that to you but would not do so proactively by writing an email. If you send feedback forms in email that would allow most customers to leave their valuable insights on what they expect or want to change. This valuable information can be picked up by your customer care team and incorporated. It gives confidence to the customer that someone in the company cares for them and that they are just not another sales number.

A good ecommerce website development company can guide you how you should highlight customer support information on your website and app. After all, the cost of customer acquisition is high and a customer centric company successfully generates good amount of sales from current customers as well through repeat orders and direct as well as indirect referrals.