Testimonials page is the most important page of a website as it informs users that your products/services are legitimate and others have used them and benefited from them. There are some ways in which you can get testimonials from the customers:

  1. Search Directories: Google places, city search, yelp, yahoo local etc., local search web directories allow their members to rate online businesses. You can claim your business listings on these directories (if you haven’t already) to get traffic. You can post the good testimonials generated from these search directories on your website as well. Many of these directories are inter connected with other sites and directories (like google users sends results to google reviews) so the impact is much broader than it seems.
  2. Reviews Websites: There are many industry specific reviews and ratings websites like tripadvisor, expedia etc., where writing user testimonials is popular. Users are given points and thus encouraged for writing more reviews that are helpful. These sites also allow their badges to be placed on the sites so the customers can now how well your customers have independently rated your products/services.
  3. Social Media Reviews: Popular social media websites Facebook, Linkedin and Youtube have the option where you can create your Business Pages/Profiles/Channels and update them regularly. Users who use these sites also most likely rate a business on them. Positive testimonials create a buzz in their connected friends and that increase traffic and sales.
  4. Reward customers for Reviews: Another great way of getting testimonials is to reward customers for leaving reviews in the form of coupon codes, discounts, vouchers, free tickets, etc.,