More and more internet users these days use mobile devices for not only buying merchandise but also for planning vacations, booking tickets, paying bills,  buying products, checking emails, dating etc., Mobile devices gives the advantage of doing things when you are in transit or waiting or when you don’t have access to PCs. For this reason, any online business – whether Local, Regional, National or International should should have a mobile web presence  in the form of a mobile site or an app and make use of all possible options to allow the online users to do most of the things  that they can do offline at their establishments or even more. For example some mobile sites and apps allow customers to pay in installments because their products are expensive and their target market are college students. The feature of easy installments gives them an advantage of a bigger customer base. The more you can add value to the online experience the higher conversion that helps in getting.

Each business has a niche. Being aware of what your competition is important keeping your niche into perspective. An all rounder mobile strategy will help the business to get the maximum out of its niche through a mobile online presence.
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