Mobile phones are now an important part of our life. A huge crowd of people is using mobile phones to shopping online. If you are running an eCommerce store it’s important that your website design will work well with mobile and other small internet devices. Mobile shopping can be difficult because mobile screens are small, however you can make it possible to create a smooth and delightful shopping experience to your customers. The best shopping experiences are ones where products are shining through screen, designs are navigating and content are providing necessary information. Your website will be able to attract customer’s attention. Below are few tips to create a great mobile shopping experience.

Focus on product: Mobile shopping experience can be improved if your eCommerce website only focuses on products.  Excess navigation, excess promotions and excess content can irritate users. If you are using excess navigation then its waste of space. You need to allow user just shop, don’t over use promotional material and distract visitors.

Provide Quality Photos of Products: Maximum number of mobile phones have small screen resolution. Product photos should not be tinier as visitors wish to see products in detail. If photos are small then it will surely annoy visitors. Shopping on mobile is difficult but you can low difficult level by focusing on your products through big and quality photos.

Don’t Force Customers to Log In: In order to shop through mobile apps, user is often required to log in. It makes customers shopping experience bad and customers can also visit to your competitor website. Simply, don’t do this. Don’t force your customers to register and log in. Allow user to browse without logging in and checkout as guest.

Build Lightweight Website: Make your website lightweight and fast loading. Your customer will surely get convinced, if your website will load in 3-5 seconds. Visitors have come to shopping, and they are already convinced with site speed, so it makes them trust you and make shopping with you.

Design a clear basket and an easy checkout: Once someone decided to buy with, don’t let them change their decision because of poor checkout process. Make sure the process from adding products into cart, to confirmation of order, is seamless and awesome. Allow visitors to checkout as a guest. Things like meaningful flow, good copy writing, simple form design and privacy considerations can create a great checkout experience.