If you have are getting a mobile app developed (IOS or Andorid), your developer would ask you whether you want a Hybrid or a Native app. What are these type app types? It can be daunting to get confuse these terminologies. But here is a brief and easy explanation:

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1) Complexity: Native apps are developed for those scopes which are highly complex like dating apps, social apps, multi level membership apps etc. Hybrid apps are developed for simpler scopes that do not have complex features such as simple appointment booking systems for clinics or salons, e-commerce etc.

2) Performance: Native apps are faster, more stable and robust as compared to Hybrid apps.the difference is more evident on more complex scopes. A Hybrid app will be slower and crash often if made for a complex scope.

3) Technique of making: Native apps use programming language specific to a platform like Objective-C or Swift for Apple devices and Java for Android devices. Hybrid apps is a web app developed using tools like phone gap that translates to native code on a platform like iPhone or Android.

4) Price: Hybrid apps are cheaper than Native apps.

Therefore it is very important to first know how big your application will be as that will be the main deciding factor. And of course the other factors such as pricing and techniques come after that.


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