Firstly, what is a Mobile App:
Mobile Apps also known as Mobile Applications or Apps are software programs that can be downloaded on your mobile devices and tablets such as Android Phones, Windows Phones, Iphones, Ipads etc, from an App store: Google Play for android apps, Apple store for Iphone and Ipad and Windows store for windows apps.  Each mobile app has a certain functionality that it runs on the device such as a calculator, game, products list, etc,

Various devices for running mobile apps.

Depending on the feature of the app; it can use many of the  phone’s default features such as camera, compass, browser,  global positioning system etc.,
The feature of each app varies and aim to engage the customers and target audience.

Why do you need a Mobile App?
A very common question that many businesses who only have a website ask is if they need a mobile app developed for their business also. The answer lies in their own behavior as a user (mostly). If they see how many times they use their mobile they would understand the urgency of having an app for their own business too.

We carry our mobile devices with us everywhere we go – in our pockets or purses. Every time we need to do something online we just pull out our phone and do it in a few tabs. There’s no need to go to a computer. Mobile app allows users to access the data offline when the they don’t have any working internet available. Having an app allows a business to be at par with its competitors who would already be having apps. In today’s competitive world almost every online merchant is trying all that’s available to reach their customers- website, apps and an aggressive online marketing strategy.
Its a great way to engage the online users and customers by interesting features.