ecommerce website development solutions in recent times is all about personalization by knowing the users, their demographics, preferences, past purchases, buying trends, motivations etc., The more personalized experience the ecommerce store provides to a user the higher its conversion rate. Therefore there is a direct link between personalization and marketing strategy that every ecommerce website developer should consider.  Here are some marketing ideas keeping that in mind:

Personalized Messages:  In a typical brick and mortar store you would directly walk up to the customers, greet them and ask them what they are looking for and how you can help them. Since this cannot be possible as it is in an ecommerce store, you can greet customers on the site by showing customized messages based on their preferences. budget etc.,  Customized emails by customers yield a higher return on marketing dollars – though it is a painstakingly slow process.

Focus on Shopping Flow: The shopping cart is the most important part of an ecommerce website where the marketing and personalization focus should be maximum. There are some common reasons why the users abandon shopping cart, such as not being sure on how safe it is to use their credit card, unexpected shopping costs that come up later in the check out process etc., Make sure these points are addressed and also identify in that particular website what is driving users away after they have added products to cart.

Motivate customers to come back:  There are good chances that a customer who has bought from you and is happy with the experience and product will not come back to your online store to buy again.  To motivate them to come back entice them with points program, customized offers and referral programs.