If you have an e commerce store you must have a customer friendly ‘Returns’ policy as it instills trust in customers. And even if the customer is not satisfied with the product he wants to return, your managing the process should be customer focused and make the customer want to deal with you again. A well framed returns policy will avoid any confusions on how the customers can go about returning and save yours and your customers time.

  1. Do not consider every sale as final: Allow the customers to easily return the products they have purchased from you in case if they are not happy with it. Of course define before hand as what is returnable – unused, used, sparingly used, etc.,
  2. Avoid the return process: Avoid returns by being as clear as possible about the product in product description, product photos videos, mention the size, how it works etc., This way the customers would know exactly what they are buying and if its not meeting their expectations then they would pass it anyways.
  3. Keep the language simple: The return policy should be explained in as simple language as possible as to what is returnable, how it can be returned, when it can be returned, whom to contact for any problem etc., Do not use complex terms that may confuse the customers.
  4. Place it prominently: Put a link to your return policy page at all the pages at prominent areas so that the users can easily locate it and read it. Again a well formed return policy only improves sales as it instills confidence in the customers.

    Consult a professional ecommerce development company for advise on how to frame your products returns policy based on your products and services.