Running a successful ecommerce website does not always require an ecommerce website developer to have a big marketing budget for paid ads or an offline affiliate’s team. There are more organic ways of doing marketing, like by targeting communities online that are your target customers. This is not as easy as it sounds, however if done diligently and correctly can yield good amount of sales in the short and long term.

Many a times new entrepreneurs think that hiring an ecommerce website development company to build their ecommerce website is the only thing they need to do. After the website has been made live and there is no traffic and sales then they turn to a digital marketing agency who sign them up for a monthly marketing plan that costs a good amount of money. They not only have to pay to the agency but also to the advertising networks like facebook ads, google adwords etc., whatever is used in their suggested marketing mix. Some entrepreneurs who have success with offline business resort to the traditional offline marketing tactics to generate online sales which again requires a good amount of time and cost investments.

However there is another more sustainable and organic way that your ecommerce website development company will not tell you and that is finding your target groups of customers online and selling to them. This ofcourse has to be done in a systematic and correct way:

  • Understand who your target customers actually are: It is important to think who all would be looking for your products or would benefit from it. One needs to go really deep in order to analyze this as many a times entrepreneurs just think at a superficial level to deduce who their target audience is and lose out on a larger group of people that they could have targeted and generated more sales from. Take your time to analyze, brainstorm with other people and search online to find what kind of people are talking about (leaving feedbacks) for other sellers who sell products similar to yours.
  • Find Communities Online: Once you know your target audience, search for them online on facebook and google to find groups, forums, associations, directories etc and join them as a contributor initially and not as a person who wants to sell his products. With a lot of spam online people can sense really quickly if the member who is new to their r community is a spammer, a sales person trying hard to sell his products or a genuine contributor. So establish yourself as a genuine contributor – after all this is your target audience and by being a contributor by engaging in the conversations with them you would get to know your customers more intimately that you otherwise wouldn’t know.
  • Add value: Once you have established yourself in your target communities online and have won their trust, add value to their lives or solve problems with your products. This is different to simply selling your products to them. When your approach is to add value, its more empathetic and with conviction than just a desperate attempt to coldly try do a sale. Like you know that your product would make their life better by addressing or eliminating the list of problems they face. This would establish your product well with the group and also get your business good referrals. You could also give incentives to these target groups to be your informal affiliates and can pay them or their support group for the referrals they