Once your customer has made a decision to buy a product on your ecommerce store, you should make it as fast as possible for them to complete their purchase. There are some simple tricks to help the customers to complete the transaction quicker than usual that you can implement in your ecommerce development solutions:

  1. Address format: It is mandatory to have the customer fill on or confirm and already saved shipping/billing address in the check out process. To make it easier the post code should be made to be entered first and its corresponding area, city and state should be auto populated thus saving the user from entering those extra fields.
  2. Card Type: Many ecommerce stores even now ask the customer to enter their credit card no. then choose the credit card type (visa, mastercard, discover, amex etc.,). Instead of that the form should recognize what the credit card type is based on the credit card number alone as each company has its unique card number formations.
  3. Returning V New Customers: Don’t have the users choose if they are a returning or a new customer. Just have them enter their email id and based on that search the database in real time to see if that email id is already registered, if yes then show them the field to enter their password with forgot password option, if no then show them the registration form.
  4. Pre select Shipping method: The most popular shipping method that is chosen is the ‘Free Shipping’. So have this option already pre selected in the list of shipping option so that the customers do not have to choose it. Its so much easier if an option for you is already selected.