Change is the essence of life. If there is stagnation, there is death. Therefore it is vital for a business to keep on reinventing itself to keep up with the volatile business environment and ever growing competition. However it is easy to feel disoriented as to what to do to stay ahead. Whether to blindly follow your competition or do something they are not doing or do something else? The answer lies in what your customers want and you can get that information through customer feedback/surveys.


You can ask the customers a few seconds after reaching your site or app if they easily found what they were looking for and if you have what they want. The second time you can ask for a feedback is when they have bought from you. Ask them how was the buying experience, what they liked and did not like, what they would like changed etc., Users have less time so many would pass the feedback step but you can encourage them by offering them a discount on their next purchase if they will the feedback.

Once you have the feedback, and then engage your sales, marketing and production team to work to meet the expectations of your customers. This will give you valuable points to work on to upgrade your business and positive orientation.

Contact Vantagewebtech for how are feedback forms can be used on your app and website.