Flat design is a minimalistic design approach that emphasizes usability. This is a snappy designing trend to make your website look fresh, attractive and clean. Symbols, logos, shapes, shades are used to increases your website quality. Main features of flat design are:
·        Simple
·         Clean
·        Colorful
·        Modern
·        Trendy
·        Efficient responsive design

With photographic pictures you can catch user’s attention quickly and motivate them to stay on the site longer. Your site will truly gleam if you are able to properly play with colors as well as layouts.
There are several reasons behind the success of flat design in the last few years. Flat websites are light in size. It means flat websites load faster than complex graphic & 3D websites. Second main reason is that flat design can be easily adjusted to various screen sizes which makes your website responsive allowing you can target both desktop and mobile users. Another main reason to use flat design is its simple and user friendly layouts.
How to use flat design in your website?
Clean Fonts: Using clean fonts can be a great idea. It makes your website design clean and beautiful. The text in your website should be readable, simple and attractive. Headings and sub headings should use all caps. The line height of the text used throughout the website should be consistent because improper line height can irritate readers.
Use Web Font Icons and Symbols: Flat design usually involves using icons. You can make your website effective and intuitive by using web font icons. A message is more easily conveyed when it is represented through symbols.
Bold and Attractive Logo: Try to make a simple yet effective logo and match the logo font with the fonts used in the website. Do same in case of colors; try to use same colors as used throughout the website. Sometimes using a wrong logo can affect overall design of a website.
Use Parallax Effect: Adding elegant movements using parallax is a powerful way to present your products on your website. Your visitors will experience your product in a totally new way.
Choose Simple Background: Use plain and smooth colors in the background. It makes your website look classy. Avoid using loud images or playful brick-wall patterns.
Use Shapes: Shapes are also main part of flat design. Circles, squares and lines are a great way to improve the design and create a clear division of content. You can use shapes to create a viewing hierarchy that helps viewers to understand the page structure.
People like flat design, because of its clear and modern appearance. Flat design has all the key attributes that make a site as functional as it is beautiful.