Did you know that creating a blog with your website creates tremendous scope for generating leads? But having a blog with some content is not enough. There are many things that go in to make a Blog work as an effective lead online generating tool for you. Mentioned below are some ideas and its a combination of these that would help in making the blog effective:

Attractive Look: The GUI of the blog should be visually appealing, user friendly and the content should be placed in an easy to read manner. The design should entice the users to stay on and spend time on exploring the blog and its content. Everything including the tags, search, bold titles, categories, etc., should be designed well.

CTAs: Call to actions or buttons that lead the user to do a certain action like fill up an inquiry for or buy a product or learn more about it should be highlighted and used in prominent areas of the blog. These are the main action points that will lead the blog visitors to conversions. A professional ecommerce website development company can help you and design effective CTA graphics at the right places of the blog.

User Engagement: Allow users to engage with you content and blog by allowing them to comment and also share on social media (allow social media comments and discussions also to be a part of the blog). Allowing users to engage gives them confidence about your genuine presence and for the onlookers (readers of the discussions) as well.

Opt in: If your the website visitors love your content they would sign up to receive updates on the new posts that you publish on your blog. What can be better way to build your own marketing list of users that you can send marketing material to in order to promote your products, sales, discounts etc., With effective marketing emailing techniques you can get a high conversion rate. However it must be made sure that the database of users is not used for spamming as you would soon have high percentage of unsubscribes soon.

Content: The most important point is the content of the blog – the quality, how engaging it is, how helpful it is etc., Most importantly it should be original and not copied from anywhere. Content should be a mix of text, images, infographics, videos, gifs, memes – variety keeps users engaged. Content should be written with the aim of establishing you as an authority in your field, providing helpful insights to readers, engaging and ideally should have the quality of becoming viral (popular on social media platforms via shares and likes).

Contact an expert ecommerce website development company to get a blog strategy designed and executed for your business.