Adding social media sharing buttons on an ecommerce website to allow website visitors to share on sites like facebook, twitter, instgram etc., has many benefits that include more publicity, sales and a higher ROI. But just putting those buttons on the product pages is not enough to motive the users to share. There are some creative ways that ecommerce website developers can use to motivate the users to share products more often on their social profiles:

  1. Place the social share options prominently on the products pages: Include share options for all the major social media website such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc., You can design the buttons to match your website design and use cool effects like floating button as you scroll up and down the page.
  2. Discounts/Coupon Codes on sharing: Build an ecommerce website that generates a discount or a coupon code on a share. Everyone loves discount and if they can get it by sharing on their social media profiles, they will gladly do it and this will create a buzz with their friends as they would know sharing would get them a discount.
  3. Post Purchase Surveys: After the user has bought the product, send him a feedback survey. For all positive feedbacks have an email trigger to the customer that says that they can share the product they purchased and are happy with on social media. This way you are sure that the happy customer will share and leave a good comment as well.
  4. Be careful of overdoing it: While social sharing has its benefits in boosting sales etc., however one must be careful as not to over do it as it could seem very annoying. Do not ask the customer to share over and over again. Just have the icons to share strategically and prominently placed throughout the buying process.