Customer journey analysis is very important step to increase conversion rate of your ecommerce business. You need to understand customer’s pre- purchase behavior. Customer’s journey can be easy if you use advanced strategies and technologies to guide customer. You need to use filters, categories and site search option for customer’s comfort.

Following tips can help you improve customer’s journey on your ecommerce website:

  • Responsive Checkout: Your customers are on tablets, phones, laptops etc. and ready to make a purchase. Complicated checkout process can change your customers mind and make them purchase with other website that’s easier to navigate. So it’s compulsory to make your checkout process responsive and easy for your customers. Shopify, an ecommerce company can provide you responsive platform to organize your products, customize storefront’s and accept payments from various payment methods.
  • Product Recommendations: Product recommendations are important, but to improve customer journey you need to suggest products which are closely related to customers purchase. For example: If your customer is shopping for shoes, then your recommendations should be socks, shoe polish kit, combo of socks pairs etc. The predictions should be on the basis of customer’s purchase history. It puts a positive impression on customers and makes their purchase journey short and easy.
  • Self Service Support: Online customers like self service support then email or telephonic support. For an ecommerce store, this means offering detailed information about products on website. You need to provide product photos, technical product details and customers reviews to win customers confidence. Amazon, an ecommerce brand is a good example of self service support.
  • High Quality Content: Educate your customers with high quality content for products. Quality content doesn’t mean content marketing. High quality contents are those who can educate your customers about product detail and capture their attention. Informative and interesting content can force website visitors to make a purchase with you.

(Vantage Webtech)