One of the fastest ways any online store can increase revenue is to increase conversions rate of website.  Here are some tips on how you can improve conversion of an e-commerce website.

Make Your Website Homepage a Conversion Magnet: The homepage is like a store front and entry-point of your site. This is the area you exactly need to work because here you can convert visitors into buyers. Your visitors here will decide whether they continue to website or leave, their decision depends on how you welcome them. You can welcome visitor effectively if you:

  • Provide them search Box
  • Organize the navigation bar
  • Remember user search and provide related recommendations
  • Have an easy to use product categories group
  • Show discount offers clearly

Free Shipping: 70% of online buyers are looking for free shipping. Having a large shipping fee will definitely scare your customers and have a negative impact on your conversion rate. You should include shipping cost in price and offer your customers free delivery.

Easy to Navigate Product Page: Navigation should be descriptive. Mostly use generic labels and buttons, which can easily communicate with users. When your navigation shows featured products or discounted products, it gets user attention and forces them to make a purchase.

Limited Time Offers: You could offer limited-time discounts to encourage visitors to buy before the deal ends. Highlight the amount they will save by buying now, the time left before the deal expires, and the numbers of people who have already bought that deal to encourage them to click.

Offer Quick Delivery: Online customers are impatient. Long delivery time can make a negative impact on your conversion rate. Offer your customers quick delivery time to boost your conversion rate.

Trust Signals: Try to offer product quality and price guarantee for customers. Another way of generating trust is by adding secure payment options and show genuine reviews of your company.

Conversion rate of a website is hugely important because when you increase your conversion rate, it means you are increasing your revenue.

(Vantage Webtech)