Most successful ecommerce development solutions are those which are easiest for customers to understand and use. To be successful, ecommerce website developers have to deliver a good end-user experience to its customers. If you want to be a success online seller, you should optimize your website for ease of use. Avoid broken links and always use suitable categories for your products.

  Create Easy Checkout Process: Making it as easy as possible for your customers to pay is essential for increasing conversions and sales. Following tips can help you make your checkout process easy and effective:

  • Use one step checkout process
  • Provide several payment methods
  • Don’t force user to create account for payment (allow customers to make payment without requiring a account)
  • Don’t redirect people to another websites
  • Make error easy to fix and don’t ever ask customer to resubmit information again
  • Only ask you visitor for essential information
  • Never distract visitors (Don’t put any advertisement to your checkout page)

Make All Call to Action Buttons/Labels Visible: Don’t leave visitor guessing what to do next. When someone adds items to their cart, make it clear they can continue to checkout or continue shopping. Remember you have made so many efforts to bring this crowd to your site; you can’t let people go for poor website optimization issues.

Make Your Website Responsive: The fact is that more and more people use smart phones, tablets and mobile device to use internet. You need to reach your customers on any device. This means you should use a website design which can be easily accommodate to these devices. It will provide you higher volume of sale to your ecommerce business.

Use Shortcuts: No page on your website should be more than three clicks away from any other page. Shortcut should be

  • Buy the product
  • Related products
  • Search for another product
  • Purchase product and add to shopping cart
  • Manage your account
  • Go to checkout process

(Vantage Webtech)