A landing page is where people end up after they click an ad. Website landing page experience affect conversion rate in several factors. The homepage of a website is not the only landing page; every page in your website may be landing page for specific keywords. Website’s conversion rate won’t come from the new ad you create; it comes from the landing page you build. A well designed landing page can make website visitor to shop with you. Following tips can help you to optimize your website landing page:

  • Simple and Clean Design: Look and design of your website will have a huge impact on website visitor. Primary goal of landing page should be to make visitors satisfied and impress them with smart colors. Attractive images should be used to make landing page attractive. But keep in mind that simple and clean design will benefit you as it gives beautiful look to your landing page.
  • Appropriate Heading: Your landing page should have strong heading about what you offer.  It allows you to display key opportunity of your offer. Remember you have 6-8 seconds to convince visitors. So use heading and subheadings to promote your offer.
  • Make Landing Page Trustworthy: Use trust signals to indicate visitors that your product and brands are trustworthy. It can be done with testimonials, like counters from various social medial sites and secure payment options. You can also add logos of well known brands you’ve worked with, any certificate or award you have received and any group you are a member of etc.
  • Length of Forms: Short length forms are effective in a good landing page. Many of online customers like short length forms which contain very few fields to fill. I know as an online marketer you want to collect most of data from site visitors, but it’s important to keep these data forms short if you want to convert most of visitors into customers.


  • Match Landing Page with PPC ads: Make sure the words used in PPC ads, mostly matches with content of your landing page. It assures visitors that they are on right place. If you use PPC ads it’s important to drop your user directly to page they are looking for.  Example- If a user click on a PPC ad about men’s t-shirt, don’t drop them in men’s clothing section- you need to bring them exact desired location.