Cart abandonment is one of the most important issue that an ecommerce website owners has to deal with on a regular basis. Almost one third of the users who visit the site and add products to cart abandon cart due to various reasons. While preventing this from happening is one part of the problem that the site owner must address, the other part of the problem is how to bring the users who had abandoned the cart to come back to the site and buy. There are various ways this and you must consult your ecommerce website development company to find what can be done to reduce this. However there are some non specific ways that this can be done and they are mentioned below:

  1. Retaining the cart products for next visits: The next time the user comes to the site and logs in he should be shown the products he had added last in the cart that were not checked out. Showing these products left in the cart along with a well drafted message (that reminds the user of the products along with what you are offering extra such as free shipping, free returns etc.,) along with some incentive such as buy now get a 10% off (is possible) would surely motivate the customers to check out.
  2. Follow up email: A follow up email reminding the user about the products in cart is another effective way of cart regeneration. The email should have a good marketing message with some incentive and create a sense of urgency in the user to either to buy the products in a day or two or risk loosing them. The email should clearly show the products that were i the cart, their images the total price etc., If the site has free shipping, returns and other benefits then those should be highlighted clearly to entice the user. Here again it is important to make sure that the user’s cart is retaining the products the user had added.