Ecommerce website developers should consider using customer reviews in their websites . Almost all ecommerce sites like amazon, ebay, sears etc., allow their customer to post reviews on their websites. Allowing the customers to review the products they have purchased from the website has many benefits. Some of them include:

Trust Building: The new customers get confidence that other customers have bought the same product from the ecommerce website and used it. They can read up about what the other customers think about the product and the service.

Adds fresh content to the site: As customers post reviews, it adds to the content on the site. So if a product has 20 reviews over the period of 2 months and each of a paragraph, then you have 20 paragraphs of unique user generated content on your site. Search engines like Google give preferences to websites that have content updated on a regular basis and this is a great way of doing this.

Know what your customers really want or feel about your service: There are bad reviews as well that give an insight about the area the ecommerce seller needs to work on in order to improve customer satisfaction. It might be that their product has a problem or their shipper does not deliver on time so in such cases the vendor can take a call to fix the problem with the product or change their shipper. Had it not been for the reviews some vital customer info would not reach the ecommerce vendors.  For negative reviews the vendor can write a comment below indicating how they addressed the issue with the customer. Like it could be a refund or a product replacement.