The FAQs page is one of the most neglected and undermined yet important page on an ecommerce website. It is a page that surprisingly many customers look for before making a buying decision when they are unsure of anything or cannot find answers to their questions from the information on the products and cart pages. It is a page that can greatly contribute in preventing a high bounce rate by stopping customers from leaving and sending them back to the cart page. When website users have questions, they look around on the page they are on and then look for a FAQs page or an online chat. This page is usually added by a ecommerce website development company as a default page in an ecommerce website.

Here is how a good FAQ page should be structured and placed on an ecommerce website to help in improving conversions:

  • Follow a good structure: The most commonly asked questions should be at the top and related questions should be clubbed together. Answers should address the question satisfactorily and should not be too long. If an answer can be long then link to further expand the answer should be given.
  • Use search for findability: Using an intuitive search is an excellent way of helping the users to find info easily in the FAQs section. Intuitive search would allow them to type in a part of a word and a phrase and see suggestions of possible questions. Ask your ecommerce website development company for suggestions on friendly search options.
  • Add references to detailed resources: For customers who wish to know about topics in detail, it would be a good idea to provide links in brief answers to detailed resources like PDFs or other website pages that would provide more info.
  • Make it findable: Put link in the footer, sitemap and if needed even somewhere more noticeable on the cart and product pages.