In various ecommerce user experience surveys, the one most important feature the user’s mentioned that they expect a good ecommerce site to have is: to be able to find what they are looking for with ease. A good search feature plays a very important role in making products/services information easily find-able on an ecommerce website. Here are ways in which ecommerce website developers can use search effectively to help the users and improve the conversion rates of the website:

  1. Prominently place search on all pages: Since search is such an important feature in an ecommerce website, it should be placed at the top of all the pages of the website and be always available for the user to use. A good example is how does it. See a video below that shows how the search box is prominently placed at the top of the page and moves up and down with the page scroll and thus is always in the sight of the user.
  2. Use Faceted Search: Faceted search, also known as guided search categorizes the search results into broad categories. See an example of faceted search below.
    search-results1Depending upon the product types, the faceted search can be tweaked as per each ecommerce site to have either a multi layer facets that drills down to various product categories or a flat structure that has just one level of facets.
    The benefit of faceted search is that it enables the website users to create their own path for navigating/finding information through the website rather than following the path set by the website owners.
  3. Mobile Search: Just like on the desktop ecommerce site, ecommerce website developers should also focus on keeping the search as a prominent feature on the mobile website as well to allow the mobile users to find the information they are looking for easily.