Thanks to Big Data, we have almost every tool to measure all aspects of marketing in recent times. Almost all the popular online analytics tool sell based on the host of data that they provide. This has caused an overload of information to the website owners who are struggling to use this data. The idea is not get overwhelmed with this data rather use it to the advantage of ecommerce website development marketing strategy.

Traffic and Leads: Stats of how many users visit the site and how many bought your products/services/submitted inquiry give insights of conversion rate and how effective your marketing strategy is. If the traffic is good but the conversion rate is less then the data pertaining to user behavior on your website, source of traffic and your website page insights such as the load time data should be analyzed. Altering marketing tactics such as finding newer ways of generating leads, focusing on new keywords, making updates on the webpages, offering promotions etc., and then matching the old data with the new one gives a competitive study on how the new initiatives have impacted the sales  eventually.

ecommerce website developers

Ecommerce website development


Customer Targeting: Marketing tactics to focus on current customers can be formed after analyzing data received after customer reviews, response of customers to discount emailers, referrals, finding repeat visitors, customer purchase history etc.This gives a good insight to ecommerce website marketers on what works and what does not with the existing customers. They can work on a different strategy for current customers.