Joomla is one of the best fee open source development platforms available these days for making content management websites, e-commerce websites, corporate websites and community websites. Some of the reasons why it is a preferred choice:

a) Open Source: Joomla is a very well developed open source platform that can be freely used to create any type of applications or websites. Since Joomla is free to use, the development cost and time is greatly reduced by using it.

b) Host of features: Joomla has good number of inbuilt features which can be needed in the development of an application or a website. It also has many paid and free plugins for advanced features which can be easily added.

c) Flexible: Joomla’s code is flexible and can be easily tweaked. Custom coding can be easily done on its existing code.

d) Scalable: It is very easy to add new features on a joomla website and to upgrade a joomla installation. For most of the upgrades, plugins or in built features are readily avilable to be activated,

e) Easy to use: For a non technical user, a joomla admin is very intutive, easy to learn and use.

f) Good multilingual support: Joomla has a good multilingual tool which is excellent for websites that have to be built for different languages.

g) Search Engine Optimization option: Joomla websites can be search engine optimized easily.