Successful eCommerce businesses are dependent on the right eCommerce solutions. But still some businesses do not upgrade their systems in time which negatively impacts their day to day operations. It is imperative to understand when it is the right time for your business to grow out of the limits of your current eCommerce platform so as not to hinder ts growth in any way. Here are some signs that indicate to you that it is time to start considering a bigger platform:

Too much data to manage: As the eCommerce sites grow with business growth, many additional features are added along the way such as integrations with CRM, ERP. third party API integrations etc., There can be a situation where there is too much of data on each sub system that need to be compiled and integrated in one place. For example excel sheets exported from many systems and each containing its own set of vital information. To make sense of such a large amount of data, its integration in one place and analysis is important. And in a scenario like this, it can be a big challenge to keep up with these tasks on a daily basis. Over the period of time this redundant system starts taking a toll on the day to day operations, causes loss of many useful and expensive man hours and also in not complete error free due to human intervention at very stages (which causes a good scope of human error).

Upgrading to a well developed system that has all the sections that your current business depends on and will depend on is the solution.

Tedious Reporting: Efficient reporting is crucial for every business as it impacts the business decisions. If reporting is not accurately done in a timely manner, it can cause many business opportunities to be lost. If your current platform is not generating reports efficiently from a click of a few buttons in an integrated reports area, you need to look at an option that works better, faster and more efficiently.

Decreasing Dependability: Has the system ever crashed, had security breach or viruses? Have your customers and users being complaining about not being able to your the website at times? That is the first big sign that you need to move to a more robust, sclalable, secure and efficient system that is dependable and can take any amount of load that will be caused by the demands of your growing business. Downtime, system crashes and security viruses cause loss of important business and crucial data and a growing eCommerce business cannot afford that.

If you have an eCommerce website that is growing through a growth stage and your current eCommerce platform is not able to cope up with the expansions, contact us for consultation on possible solutions. Vantagewebtech is an expert ecommerce website development company that provides scalable, secure and roboust ecommerce development solutions.