Meta Descriptions describe your page or product to the website visitors in just 160 characters. They are the text that shows on Google search result page below the name/title of the website/product. An image below shows a highlighted area that has meta descriptions

ecommerce website developers Google Search

Website visitors decide whether they want to visit your web page or not based on the text you have here. Therefore its importance cannot be highlighted enough.  The description in the meta tag should be clear and highlight the product/service USP. It should be hard hitting and crisp. Marketers use this area as an ‘elevator pitch’. Well written Meta Descriptions entice the users to click on the link to reach the web page and hence it contributes in improving the CTR (click through rate) for ecommerce websites.  Despite this being so important many ecommerce website developers still don’t use Meta descriptions in which case search engines like Google create their own meta description for that page using the content from that page which may not do justice to the page.

There are many ecommerce websites that have hundreds of pages and hence it is not possible to write optimized meta description tags for each page. For such cases, they can be created manually for the most popular products that sell the most. They could be any number that you can manage. For the rest of the page a code can be written that would automatically create the tag based on the website name, category/sub category names and the product names.