Many ecommerce website developers follow the approach of simply scaling down their site to fit mobile screens; what is called as a mobile site. This approach is not the best as the focus shifts from focusing on mobile access to fitting the website’s data in a mobile’s frame.Since mobiles have taken over the desktop usage for searching and buying, the strategy should be of ‘Mobile First’ rather than ‘Desktop site first’ and trying to make a mobile site out of it. Here are some ideas on how to make an effective mobile site:

  1. Content Usage: The content on mobile sites should be more concise than on the websites since the screen size is smaller and users access mobile site usually on the go. Thus there is no need to use a lot of content. Focus on only the main points. The fonts should be bigger with more spacing.
  2. Simpler Menus: Avoid using multi level menus on mobile and try to club products under broader categories so that the need of having too many menu categories reduces.
  3. Fluid Layout: Instead of designing for fixed screen sizes like 176, 240, 320, 360, 480-600 and keeping it fixed width, make it fluid so that it recognizes the device size and displays the mobile pages as per that.
  4. Better Search: The search should be on all the pages, be intuitive and recognize the typos that mobile users generally make due to small screen area to type. The search should be prominently displayed at the top of all the pages of the site.