As a growing number of users are accessing the web on the go on mobile devices, mobile sites are playing more significance in Digital Marketing. The mobile site is therefore a very potent platform for digital marketing of your brand. Here are some tips on how you can bank upon mobile marketing for enhancing your Digital Marketing campaign:

1) Stick to the basics: Keep the information on the mobile site as brief as possible since the mobile users usually do not read so much text. Add text as bullets and do away with extra content. Make the content short, crisp and like an elevator pitch. You can have read more or link bullets to more detailed pages if you think that some customers would make a buying decision only after reading more text. Add stuff that you would usually use in your Digital marketing campaign such as marketing material containing product catalog, testimonials, offers, customers etc.

2) Highlight contact numbers: The phone no. should be a click to call link that launches a call to your sales department. It should be highlighted across all the pages. If your team uses Skype then you can do the same by adding a clickable sale link that launches a skype call to your sales department.

3) Speed Matters: Google gives a lot of importance to speed these days. Sites that load faster get a benefit to rank better. Make sure that the google page speed test for mobile scope is above 85. Consider Accelerated Mobile Pages to make the site load even when the user is facing slower internet connections.