WordPress Version 4.1 was released on 18 December, 2014 with new features and improvements.  This version of wordpress was named “Dinah” in honor of jazz singer Dinah Washington. This new version comes with several improvements such as new default theme, an improved writing experience and plugin recommendations. WordPress 4.1 has a renewed focus on writing. The wordpress team has introduced a new distraction-free writing mode.

Here are some of changes/features you will see in new wordpress version:

  • Twenty Fifteen Theme: Twenty fifteen theme is clean, blog focused and designed for clarity. This theme is designed using mobile first approach. It is responsive theme, so it looks good for any device and any screen resolution. It’s straightforward typography suitable for multiple languages. Twenty Fifteen looks best when using large, featured images.

Twenty Fifteen is a two-column theme with a focus on content. It is light in color with a left hand sidebar and content in the right column. It also ships with five different color schemes, ranging from dark to pink that are accessible from within the theme customizer.

  • Plugin Recommendations: When you browse to add new plugins screen, you’ll see a new recommended tab. Recommendations are based on data from thousands of wordpress sites about plugins that are commonly used together.
  • Distraction-Free Writing Mode: WordPress version 4.1 also lets you concentrate on writing content without distractions with distraction free writing mode. Enable distraction free writing mode and the surrounding interface will fade away when you start typing. It letting you focuses on your writing. To bring back the menu, move the mouse cursor to the left or right of the editor.
  • Inline Image Editing Toolbar: This feature allows you to align your images properly on a blog post. With wordpress 4.1, you can click on the image and select the alignment directly from it. It provides a quick and easy way to align an image or access additional editing options.
  • Choose a Diffrenent Language: WordPress 4.1 has been translated into over 40 languages. You can now choose a language for your site at any time by visiting the general settings.


  • Logout All Session With One Button: WordPress 4.1 includes a new Session UI. The UI shows up on the profile page when wordpress detects more than one active session. When pressed, the button logs out of every session except for the active one. This is useful for those times when users might have forgotten to log off from a laptop, phone, or public computer.