One page website design trend started in 2013 and becomes more popular now days. A one page website uses just one html page to display the whole data about a business. The content is further divided in sections/parts on single page only. One page websites are suitable for small businesses because as a small business owner you may not have the need to fill many pages with content about your services.

A single page website has many advantages over multipage websites:

  • Benefit in SEO: Single page website design promises a good SEO benefit – high search engine ranking. Inbound links on a single page, fast loading speed and single quality page can benefit single website with better google pr rank.
  • Reduce Cost: Because one page sites tend to be smaller, they will save your web space and bandwidth, which will in turn reduce your hosting costs.
  • Fast Loading Speed: Single page websites are lighter in size then multipage websites. It will surely leave multipage heavy websites behind if you count the downloading time. Fast loading means users can visit your website in a very short time.
  • High Quality: If you prefer quality over quantity, then single page website is the platform which can do that. You have only one page to maintain so obviously it will get all your attention.
  • Happy User Experience: Single page web design is all about the beauty of creativity that everyone appreciates. And fast loader speed allows user to access Information in just a click. What can better than this user experience? They will surely share their experience with others.
  • Low Maintenance: Making a change or adding a feature in one page website is a lot easier than multipage websites.


Single page websites can be great for new sites and special projects. These websites are best suitable for small businesses.