Website optimization is the art of creating and continuously improving website visitor experience and conversion rates, resulting in high visitor satisfaction and high repeat visit rates. It doesn’t matter how much you optimize your site rankings in google if your website isn’t fully optimized to meet your visitor’s needs. Website optimization is often less expensive then search engine optimization campaigns. Because of that, website optimization often gives you better ROI than search engine optimization. If you properly optimize your website and make it user friendly then you may have an opportunity to convert a large crowd into customers, Otherwise they are just website visitor. Website optimization affects your visitor when they arrive on your website and how they convert for your goals.


How tooptimize your website?

 Website Load Time: When a website does not load quickly, it affects visitor’s behavior, which leads to decreases in sales conversions and revenue. Because nothing can be more irritating then waiting for page to load, so check your website’s home page load time, checkout process load time, and conversion rates at regular intervals. You can increase your website load time in following ways:

  • Move to a faster server
  • Use a CDN
  • Compress images and text

One way to improve user experience is to move a faster server. But if your site has a large amount of content to display, you must use content delivery networks as they can help to reduce bandwidth. You can also use compressed images and content for better results. A server does not have to send out as much data this way.

Make Your Website Responsive: Your website visitors will definitely expect the same type of experience on their mobile device as they do on their computers. So make sure your website is responsive and working properly on all devices like mobiles, tablets, laptop etc.

Improve Navigation Experience: Understand the expectation of visitors and make your website easy to navigate, don’t make them struggle with your menu structure. Divide categories clearly,make all navigation elements clickable links, use accurate navigation titles, ensure every clickable image has ALT text and provide search feature.


Once you optimize your website only then engage in search engine optimization process. Otherwise if you do, you will be wasting your time and money.