When launching a new website it is important to plan an effective online marketing campaign. A well though out plan will ensure that your business is a success. Here are some ideas:
a) Think long term: While it is important to get customers immediately but the online marketing campaign should also involve long term planning as there are many marketing initiatives which need time to get implemented and reap results. Search Engine Optimization and Link Building are two such examples of initiatives that wll reap more results in the long term than Google Adwords.
b) Explore your niche: Each business is unique in some way which makes it stand apart from all compititors. If you explore your niche you can use that to market yourself and use it as your expertise. Customers like to know what makes you stand apart from the pack.
c) Know your customers: It is good to be thorough about your products and services but only that is not enough. You need to know your customers equally well. Unless you know your customers you will not be able to reach out to them and understand them.
d) Be your own competition: Look within your own business and try to improve it. Share your achievements with your customers or prospects, come up with more innovative ideas to advertise your growth, how you are different and better.
e) Don’t keep all your eggs in one basket: Have an online marketing campaign which involves different straegies such as Search engine optimization, social media optimization, link building, content syndication, blogging etc., so that you get traffic from different sources.
f) Use only white hat techniques: In search engine marketing applying strategies that are acceptable to searcch engines like google and genuinely serve the web users are called white hat techniques. There are black hat techniques also which should not be used as they would lead your website to get banned on search engines.
It is a good idea to start with a comprehensive marketing research which will help in getting answers to the above questions. Using an expert online marketing team or search engine marketing company would help in saving time and money.