A customer eccentric commerce store is a win win for both the ecommerce website developers as well as the customer as customers can buy with confidence and the store owner gets more customers and sale. To make your store more customer centric, you must think from your customer’s point of view or ask yourself that you as a customer have what kind of expectations from a seller (whether online or offline). This will give you good insights. Here are some pointers:

Top Notch Customer Care: New users who come to your site are driven by what kind of post purchase support your business provides. You should have your pre sale and post sale phone no.s and email ids prominently mentioned on your website. If possible have a live support for a couple of hours each day to instantly address the customers questions. Always remember if you keep your existing customers happy, they will keep on coming back to you to buy more and also send referrals.

Returns: Have easy policies for returns or money back that you should put on a page on the website. Again new users look for return policies before buying and if they do not find anything they hesitate to buy.

Reviews: Having good and neutral reviews that are genuine install confidence to potential buyers that others have bought from you and are satisfied from your product and services.

Good Content: Having clear descriptions of your products that explain how the product looks like, how it works etc, is a must. It should be simple and concise and give a clear idea to the customer.