Videos are one of the most powerful ways of attracting customers. Despite being such an important marketing tool, they are surprisingly not used by most ecommerce website developers. While great images play a very important role, videos are far ahead than images in leaving behind the competition because of their ability to captivate the users at a much higher level.

So how does an ecommerce business benefit from using videos?  Here are some ways:

  1. Videos are more impactful: Videos can contribute in increasing conversions of web visitors to customers by showing how the products look at different angles, demonstration of products use and the various uses of the product. Online visitors get attracted by more visual experience such as a video as compared to a text page.
  2. Sharable: Videos are easily sharable and well made videos have the potential to go viral very quickly on social media.
  3. They are ahead of Images: While images can move users, videos can do much more than that. An image can depict a thousand words while a video can go much further than that and tell a story and convince a user to make a buying decision.
  4. Google Benefits of Videos: In recent times in google search results we see videos as well. So if we capitalize on videos we create another medium through which we can get customers to reach our website.


Some successful ways in which videos are being used:

  1. Entertainment with buying decision: Some video ads show the products attributes in a very entertaining way and convincing users to make the buying decision.
  2. Entertainment with product features: Instead of asking the users to buy a product, videos can creatively show the various uses of a product. This will motivate the users to find out more about the product.


Here is a good example of how Apple is advertising Ipad using video: