Often an ecommerce website development company does not advise customers on importance of having a Privacy Policy on their websites. Thus many websites do not have them. But it is a very important legal letter that every ecommerce or non ecommerce website should invariably have. It also provides customers important information on the security of their data on the website as in recent times we have seen an increase of identity thefts, online frauds and spam caused by information leakage or selling of users data online.

Usually an ecommerce website development company or a website owner would just copy Privacy Policies from other websites and use as their own. But this is not recommended as each business is different and thus should formulate its own policies based on how it works and uses customer data.

While website owners can write their own privacy policy, it is important to get it checked from legal point of view. The privacy policy should be correct, clear, conscise and have everything covered. It should inform the users about:

– What data the website would be collecting and for what purpose.
– Have a clear option to allow the users to not have their data collected.
– Allow the users to access their collected data easily and change/delete.
– Provide security assurance for the user collected data.

The Privacy Policy should be customized as per the legal requirement of the State/ Country the website is operating in, industry norms etc,

It should be easy to access and thus be linked at some prominent areas of the website such as the footer, forms etc.,

The date the Privacy Policy was added should be mentioned clearly on it and if there have been changes in the way the website works, collects data, uses data etc., that should be updated immediately.