Security is of prime importance for any online business where the customers are entrusting the site with their sensitive information. It is the duty and responsibility of the ecommerce website development company and the website owner to make sure that the data clients data is safe. Security is just not a one time process and has to be revamped with time with periodic security audits. At a given time an ecommerce website development company or a website owner can do the following security checks:

  1. Be cautious of customers data: Sensitive customer data such as credit card number, cvv, expiry date etc., should not be stored in the database of the website and be sent directly to the payment gateway using secure connection. Take only minimal information from the customers. Whatever little information you are storing in your own database, make sure that it is encrypted.
  2. Protection against DDOS: Brute force attacks and DDOS can shut down the website and therefore make sure that the website is protected against it.
  3. Choose shopping cart software wisely: If you are building your site then check with your ecommerce website development company what shopping cart they would be using and what is the best option based on the products that you would be selling. Keeping the shopping cart software upto date with latest versions and security patches is very important. It is important to keep on checking the new plugins/extensions versions available and to update them regularly.
  4. Check network security: It is imperative for the network to be secure as otherwise the code security has no use. The hosting company has to provide assurance of the security measures they have in place to prevent any attempt on their networks that would directly or indirectly impact your website.