Building an ecommerce site takes time, efforts and money. Every ecommerce website owner wants to get users who convert to customers immediately and repeat buy. To achieve this goal it is important to make sure that your ecommerce site has excellent user experience. Here are some quick tips to help you to take a step back and analyze for yourself how your website is doing:

  • Think like a user: Imagine yourself as a user and that you are seeing the site for the first time. How are you finding what you see? Are you able to find the info you are looking for easily? Would you buy from this store? If you had to meet the store owners what advise would you give them? What are the obvious things you wish this site had? The answers that you would get from doing this would greatly help you in making a list of what your site should have and what it should not have.
  • Look around: Look around on who are your competitors and what are they doing to give their customers a good user experience. Study your competitors deeply and make a list of features that you think are good. Search for competitors on ebay, amazon, facebook, instagram etc., sources. The insights and ideas that you can get from looking at what others are doing can greatly help you in updating your own site to give them a great user experience.
  • Use the power of social media: get the word out on facebook, twitter, instagram etc., social media websites to get the users to know about your offerings. Use free and paid advertising options such as creating and distributing viral content, buying paid facebook ads etc., to get in front of maximum users. Again, for this, look at how your competition or other people are doing it – don’t copy them but take cues and implement your own creativity and niche in your campaigns.
  • Develop a Personalized approach: Each business is unique in some way or the other and the ecommerce business owner should highlight this uniqueness in its approach to selling products, interacting with customers, advertising etc., Ofcourse customer focus, after sales support etc., should be the focus of all businesses irrespective of how they are unique. By uniqueness I mean what sets you apart – it could be the theme, the idea behind your business etc.,