One of the most common frauds that ecommerce website developers have to deal with are fraudulent orders. After a few days they are placed, the merchant bank charge backs the ecommerce website owner/merchant account holder. When these charge backs happen a fee is levied as well that gets passed on to the merchant account holder. This not only creates a lot of confusion but also impacts the credibility of the merchant. Here are some common things to look out for to discern if an order is a genuine order or a fraudulent order:

Shipping and Billing Address: The first flag is different shipping and billing addresses. Mostly people have the same billing and shipping address. In some cases where the shipping addresses are different, they are in close proximity of the billing address (such as in the same city or a close by city). Rarely does it happen that he shipping address is in a far away place, particularly overseas.

Also make sure you check if the shipping address does not look suspicious. Google maps can be used to trace the shipping address. Usually its a residential or a office area and rarely a dingy warehouse in the middle of nowhere.

Big Priced Orders: Many big priced orders that involve mostly expensive items and a lot of them should be verified before shipping. This could be in the case of electronic items such as laptops, computers, microwave ovens etc., Such orders combined with the most expensive shipping option you have be a serious indicator of it being a fraud.

Repeat Orders: If you get a repeat orders from the same shipping address, you should double check before your ship out. usually there is a pattern of placing multiple repeat orders in a span of a few days.

Customer Not reachable: If you have a doubt about the ingenuity of an order and try to reach a customer who does not order, you could try a few times before cancelling it. Genuine customers always provide valid details where vendors can reach them.

Consult a professional ecommerce website development company to guide you on some more ways ecommerce frauds can be prevented on your ecommerce site.