As an online merchant, making your first sale is a lengthy and multi-step process. Planning, training and marketing are required for selling products successfully. Below are some of best ways, which can help you to make your first online sale:

Search Engine Marketing                                                        

  • PPC: Pay-per-click advertising is an immediate way to get traffic to a brand-new site. A PPC ad shows on search engine pages immediately.
  • Google Places: Google Places is simply a Google account any business can sign up for. A local business listing is an easy way to get online presence for a company. These listing can help your business if users will search for a term that includes a specific geographic location. It will reduce competition and can benefit your business with local customers.
  • Get SEO: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can improve the ability for your online store to appear high in Google’s results. You can drive organic traffic to your website. It’s a long process; that means it can take few months to get ranked for your keywords.

Social Media

  • Facebook: Make a personal and a brand page on facebook for your business. Leverage your personal facebook profile and your business page to engage with friends, family, and acquaintances and to get people talking about your products.
  • Begin Tweeting on Twitter: Twitter’s beautiful simplicity is what makes it one of the most effective ways to engage with your target market. An excellent method for finding potential customers is to proactively search for people tweeting questions about your industry and reach out to them in a helpful way.
  • Make Connections on LinkedIn: LinkedIn is the office block of the Internet. You may not make many direct sales through LinkedIn, but you’ll discover an array of opportunities with other companies, suppliers, related websites, and more.
  • Go Visual with Pinterest and Instagram: When it comes to representing personality and creativity via social media, these two big platforms do it best. These platforms are the perfect place to present the creativity and passion that goes into your business product. Snap pictures of your products, take videos of the manufacturing process, tell a story with images etc.

Press Release

  • Publish a Press Release: Publish a press release about your products. A press release should be presented in a way that is concise and professional, without being too monotonous. Don’t expect a massive response unless you’re giving the public something seriously interesting to read about.

Content Marketing

  • Start Your Own Blog: Starting a successful blog can be cheapest way to attract thousands of new customers. All you need to do is create valuable content for your readers. By producing free, valuable content, you will create trust in your brand and keep people informed.
  • Build an Email List: Building up an email list for marketing purposes is absolutely essential. Having an emails list of customers means you can get your information, products, and content into their personal mailboxes.
  • Write a Controversial Blog Post: You can get consumer attention for your products by writing a controversy blog post.

Paid Ads

  • Pay for Advertise on Facebook, Twitter and Google Adwords.