The design of an ecommerce site plays a vital role in converting a site visitor to a customer.  It is how the design makes the visitors feel, impacts their buying decision. And this decision is made within a fraction of a second. It is not only the design of the Main/Home Page but also the important inner pages such as the cart pages that effect the conversions.

Here are some clear cut points to follow for a better user experience that leads to conversions:

  • Images should be full width: Research indicates that big images in ecommerce website design catches attention more effectively. Full images engage users more. Images should be high quality and placed smartly at the right areas of the pages.
  • Colors Use: Buttons, banners and other call to actions that prompt the users to perform an action like submit an inquiry, sign up or buy should be of bright colors and contrast to the colors used in the site. Bright colors make the call to actions to stand out.
  • Ecommerce Videos: Videos that explain how the website works, the people behind the company etc., instill a sense trust amongst ecommerce buyers. Well made videos can greatly contribute to improving ecommerce conversions.
  • Navigation Structure: Be selective of the navigation links you want to show on your website as seeing too many navigation links can overwhelm the user. Only display the main links and put the not so important links under the main navigation.
  • Content: Content should be precise and say more with less words. Website visitors do not have time to read long pages of content. Also the typography should be well selected so the content is easy to read.

Following the above points can greatly contribute to improve ecommerce website conversions. Ofcourse other factors such as mobile site,  load speed of the site, search engine optimization, etc., play important roles as well and cannot be ignored.

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