It is common to see that when a new ecommerce or a non ecommerce website is launched, the ecommerce website development company builds facebook, twitter, instgram etc., profiles. But what happens to these social media profiles afterwards? Well mostly nothing. These profiles are just to have a presence on these platforms and are not actually used to their maximum capacity to leverage their potential. Here are some ways:

1) Social re marketing: Using a facebook re marketing code the ecommerce website owners can get more visible to perspective buyers who showed interest and visited your website. Showing those users your products on social media platform increases the chances of sales. By just clicking on the product image or banner in the ad the users are taken to your website or your product page on ebay or amazon where they had last seen your product.
2) Popular Social Bookmarking websites: Websites like delicious, stumbleupon etc., allow users to save web pages that they would like to refer to again. These websites are seriously undermined and hold a lot of potential in getting prospective users to come and buy from you. Make pages or sections on your site that are fun, entertaining, informational and not sales oriented. Make them from the angle of having people social bookmark these pages. Once these pages get bookmarked and shared they generate good quality traffic and high conversion rates.
3) Using social influencers: In each industry we have social influencers that have a big fan following. They have established themselves as experts who over the period of time have tried various products. Getting social influencers to positively talk about your product or promote your product can get your brand more visibility and that would not only popularize your brand but also improve sales.