Cross sales and upsales are a very important source of revenue for any ecommerce website and should be leveraged to the maximum potential. Amazon reported that it earns atleast  35% revenue from cross sales and upsales.

So what are cross sales and upsales and how can ecommerce website developers to improve their online sales?

Cross Sales: When the customers are shown products that go with a product that they are buying. For example if you are buying a camera then cross sale will be to show the customer products they would need with that camera such as batteries, stand, cover etc., Since you are telling the customer that here are the things you would need with this product, they are more likely to buy them also as they may need them.

Up Sales: This is when a customer is seeing a product and you show him a better variant of that along with the extra he has to pay to get that. This way ecommerce stores end up in selling better and more expensive items more .

Bundled Items: This is when the products are also sold together. Like in the example of the camera purchase, the store owner makes a bundle of camera + battery + stand as one bundle and camera + battery as another bundle, so on and so on. They give a discounted price on the bundles to entice the customers to buy the products together.

The options for cross sales, upsales and bundled items must be included in your ecommerce development solution and presented to the customer at various buying steps on the site: the product detail page, cart pages and the order summary pages so as to give enough visibility.